The Japanese lost contact with the new satellite

The Japanese space agency JAXA, in February of this year, has set up a new scientific satellite Hitomi in orbit. Unfortunately, the device is likely to experience some serious failure, as no contact has been established for a few days.

A few months ago, the Japanese placed a new satellite called Hitomi, which for three consecutive years had to conduct research, searching for traces of radiation, and providing scientists with valuable data on the origins of the universe. The plan may, however, burn on the shelf because a few days ago the contact with the satellite stopped and it can not be recovered. This may mean that $ 270 million spent on this mission will be thrown into the mud.

The astronomers realized that there was something wrong with the satellite when a few days ago did not go to a routine communication check. After checking, it turned out that there are five fragments of space in the satellite position.

The agency believes that the satellite could have been damaged, or at least damaged, perhaps by orbiting cosmic trash, and that the components were part of its equipment. The more optimistic version confirms for the time being only a brief signal JAXA has removed from Hitomi's communications.

For now the fate of the device remains unknown.

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