Smart cane for seniors

French starter Nov'in has presented an intelligent cane for the elderly. This tool will not only make it easier for them to move, but will also alert rescuers if the person falls over.

With age, the physical fitness of our body decreases, making movement more and more problematic.

It is also possible that you can not walk without a cane, with which we must constantly support. And even then we can not completely eliminate the risk of falling.

In old age, collapse can be very dangerous for health and even life, because the bones are then more fragile and end up with serious fractures that grow very long afterwards. If a person does not get help in time, it may end badly for her. The French company Nov'in has developed a modern staff that can help in such situations.

The product called Smartcane will not prevent it from falling, but when it does, it can help. The staff is equipped with sensors that are connected directly to the built-in GSM communication system. So if a person falls or needs help then the staff will immediately notify the emergency services.

In addition, it is equipped with a special algorithm using artificial intelligence, which can prevent such a fall, detecting it before it will occur. The system is able to continuously analyze the gait pattern and detect a decrease in activity that may end up falling.

Smartcane will be on sale by the end of this year.

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